About Starkenn Technologies

Starkenn is a new age technology startup committed to significantly reduce road traffic accidents by developing advanced driver and rider assistance products designed for India.

We are a fully funded startup with backing from a leading automotive supplier. The founding team is exceptionally talented with highly motivated serial entrepreneurs having multi decade domain experience


Starkenn Technology is an Indian enterprise that is at the forefront of automobile safety technology in the country. It is a young company with dynamic, passionate engineers at the helm.


Starkenn is currently involved in the development of a state-of-the-art technology that will be a comprehensive system. This product will have safety warnings, driver evaluation and data mining abilities providing customers with valuable insights into the driving pattern, vehicle movement and fuel efficiency.


Starkenn Technology is relentlessly working in the automobile safety solutions category to provide end-to-end solutions to customers. The company aims to make smart vehicles that can give data in real time for safety of driver & passengers. At the core are its values of making vehicles safe and staying true to its motto of ‘Every Life Counts.’

Safer, Stress-free Driving for India

Immense road safety and traffic congestion issues are calling for safer, smarter vehicles in India. State of the art technology products have potential to solve the traffic safety problem in India

About ADAS

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) monitor the area around the vehicle and assist the driver during the driving process. ADAS systems increase safety by issuing alerts and warnings for possible collisions and driver distractions.

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