Sleep Alert System

Sleep Alert System is a revolutionary product that uses proximity sensor technology. The sensor logs the hand movement of the driver. In the event of no hand movement, it automatically decelerates and brakes the vehicle gradually.

Proximity Sensor
Easy to install


Starkenn Alert is a sleep alert system by Starkenn Technologies is a simple yet robust product that delivers safety to the drivers against accidents occurring due to sleep or drowsiness.

A proximity sensor is mounted beneath the steering of the vehicle to ensure it catches the hand maneuvres seamlessly.

The HMI instructs the driver to wave its hand in front of the sensor.

If the sensor does not register any hand movement for more than 5 secs the ECU will start deceleration of the vehicle

The automatic gradual braking will be applied after the 10 seconds of deceleration of the vehicle.

The proximity sensor registers the driver’s hand movements while driving.

The ECU monitors the signals from the proximity sensor to cut off acceleration and engaging emergency breaks.

HMI alerts the driver in the events of drowsiness or inactivity logged by the proximity sensor through warnings on interface.

A proximity sensor is fitted on the headlight handle which makes it very easy for the driver to wave hand in front of the sensor. 5 seconds before a minute the HMI will beep to indicate that now it is time to wave your hand. If the driver does not wave hand in these 5 seconds, then the accelerator will get cut off. After 10 seconds of accelerator cut off, even if the driver does not wave hand, then automatic braking will happen, which is optional. At any point, whenever the driver waves hand, the accelerator shall be resumed and the braking will be released immediately.

The sleep alert sensor is fitted on the headlight handle. ECU is inside of the dashboard, and the HMI on the top of the dashboard visible to the driver.

The braking module is fitted right above the brake pedal and the accelerator harness is fitted into the pedal sensor.


The sensor is fitted right next to the steering wheel and the waving can be done as simply as using the headlight for upper and dipper. The driver need not remove his hand off the steering wheel. So it is not as irritating or distracting to the driver as it seems.

The entire system is customizable. The frequency of one minute can be changed as per the management and also the timing during which the system needs to be active can also be changed.

This will definitely keep the driver alert as it is active safety system, that is if the driver is not attentive then the accelerator will cut off and hence the momentum of the vehicle will slow down alerting the driver to be awake.

As the accelerator is cut off it is as same as lifting your foot off the accelerator. The momentum reduces but it will not stop the vehicle suddenly. Gradually it will slow down that too if the driver does not wave.

Braking is very optional and need not be opted if the management does not need it, which will also reduce the cost. Only with accelerator cut off the system is as effective and low cost.

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