Starkenn ATTENTION ® (aka Driver Monitoring System)


The driver monitoring system, also known as driver attention monitor, is a vehicle safety system to assess the driver's alertness and warn the driver if needed and eventually apply the brakes. The system uses infrared sensors to monitor driver attentiveness. Specifically, the driver monitoring system includes a camera placed on the steering column which tracks the face. If the driver is not paying attention to the road ahead and a dangerous situation is detected, the system will warn the driver by flashing lights, warning sounds. If no action is taken, the vehicle will apply the brakes (a warning alarm will sound followed by a brief automatic application of the braking system).



The system uses a CMOS IR based camera sensor along with the IR LED's to detect the drivers attentiveness.


The camera monitors the driver's eyes, face position, drivers action as to smoking or on the phone and decides if the driver is fully focused on driving or is drowsy or distracted.


Accordingly it captures the picture or video of the driver , alarms the driver and send the data to the cloud.


It also has an IMU using which the driving pattern can be determined and flagged for harsh acceleration, sudden braking or dangerous maneuvers.


Overspeeding of the vehicle is part of the same.


Accelerator can also be cut off if needed when the driver is drowsy.

How does it work?

Using deep convolutional neural networks and machine learning, the camera monitors the eyes and driver behavior to make a judgment if the driver is sleepy or distracted. It first use Open CL to construct an image and with the use of image pyramid, it defines the face detection using the database of faces in the cloud. With deeper analysis of driver's face for eye localization - eye open and close can be determined. Images captured are of VGA resolution with loseless JPEG compression - it is stored in the device memory if there is no connectivity and on resume of network it is sent to the cloud on FIFO basis along with the complete tracking of the vehicle.

Where is it fitted?

The device is fitted on windshield or on the corner panel of the bus in way that the camera looks at the driver face without obstructing his view.


The face would be detected if the driver has worn specs or even turban. But if the had worn dark glasses, then the eyes might NOT be detected and hence the drowsy would be known. If the face is covered half like mask, it would still be detected. If someone covered the whole face just leaving the eyes, then it might be difficult to detect the face.

If the vehicle is moving which would be sensed by the IMU inside the device, and if the face is not detected, then it would periodically beep to annoy the driver in order to remove the cloth from the camera. Also it would capture the picture as well video recording and then send it to the cloud to let the admin know that the camera was covered. During standstill, the system goes into the sleep mode.

If the flag for drowsiness is raised twice in less than 15 seconds, then it would cut off the accelerator and will be resumed only if the vehicle speed comes below 20 kmph. So that driver realizes that he is sleepy and can take corrective action.

Yes, using the IR light and camera sensor, it can be detected in fully dark condition.

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