Collision Avoidance System

An impressive feature of collision avoidance system is automatic braking. When the system has issued alarms and there is still no response from the driver, the automatic braking technology comes to play and slows down the host vehicle.

Obstacle Mapping
Monitoring Range – up to 150 meters
Automatic Braking
Vehicle stability monitoring


The forward collision avoidance system by Starkenn is a fusion of innovative radar technology and intelligent algorithms that deliver a safer driving environment for all road & traffic conditions along with collision avoidance countermeasures in case of impending accidents.

Due to the presence of cutting edge components the forward collision system can map obstacles & vehicles in path to a forward range of 180 Metres.

The radar system detects and maps the obstacles in the pathway of the vehicle continuously and alerts the driver in case of a potential collision.

The system alerts the driver on the HMI with different colour lights representing the intensity of the impending collision.

The system tracks and feeds the distance data & the speed data to the ECU continuously to ensure preparedness in case of a potential frontal collision.

The gyroscope installed in the vehicle monitors the lateral, frontal and turning movements of the vehicle to avoid any instances of false alarms and ensures the overall stability of the vehicle to make the overall drive experience smooth & seamless.

The power input module operates in sync with the ECU to deliver gradual deceleration & braking for the vehicle in an event of unavoidable collision.

Along with the CWX1 system, automatic braking and accelerator cut off are added. The braking module pulls the brake pedal and simulates the action of the driver just as how he would brake. Braking is gradual and is applied only upto 60%. At the time of automatic braking, the accelerator is also cut off by using a Y harness in the accelerator pedal sensor.

Radar sensor is fitted on the bumper of the vehicle. ECU is inside of the dashboard, gyroscope in the middle of the cabin on the floor with the harness towards the front side of the vehicle, and the HMI on the top of the dashboard visible to the driver. The braking module is fitted right above the brake pedal and the accelerator harness is fitted into the pedal sensor.


The automatic braking is designed so much that the braking would be applied very gradually only upto 60% of the brakes and as the distance increases , the automatic braking is immediately released to resume normal driving. The idea of the system is to maintain a safe distance with the obstacle in front at the current vehicle speed.

As mentioned before, the braking is gradual and the braking would be released immediately as the distance is increased. Also in the worst case, if an accident is about to happen in front, the driver will look first for his own safety rather than worrying about the vehicle being hit from behind.

The system is intelligent and also the braking is activated only above 40 kmph. Bu this is also customizable as per the management. Hence there is not to worry of braking in traffic conditions.

The drivers in India are used to overtake at very close distances of just 2-3 meters at speeds of 80-90 kmph which is obviously dangerous and should be avoided. hence it would brake at such low distances which can be altered based on the management. The braking distance can be changed.

Based on the speed: At 80 kmph the braking distance is 8 meters, at 60 kmph it is 5 meters, at 100 kmph it is 11 meters.

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